Creative Guidelines

The specifications for delivering your artwork and the tips to get you results.
The Creative Challenge

The audience for outdoor advertising is mobile. They are constantly on the go and short on time. This fast pace lifestyle of your audience reduces the time you have to reach them with your message to only a few seconds. Because of this limited exposure time, designing for outdoor requires a focused creative approach. Be sure to download our Creative Guidelines Spec Sheets for Non-Digital and Digital Billboards below before getting started on your design.

Our Design Team

Our talented Design Team is available to design your ad from idea to completion, or just review your design and give advice to help maximize your results. View our work here.


Say it briefly

Being BIG, CLEAN and CONCISE are the keys to a successful outdoor advertising campaign. An appropriate sized outdoor advertisement is imperative to a successful advertising campaign.  Before approving the artwork, look at the artwork from a 12' - 15' distance and make sure you are satisfied with the copy since passers-by will typically have 6 to 10 seconds to read the ad.  To be effective at a distance, CLEAR and BOLD letters and numbers will help with readability.  Utilizing contrasting colors and, when available, specific PMS colors when finalizing the creative process will also contribute to the ad having the desired effect!  The most effective ads use less than 10 words, so be brief and utilize only the most important message you want to convey.

billboard art


Our Media Kit is a .pdf file which contains info about our company, our different types of billboards, detailed Creative and Artwork Guidelines for vinyl, static, and tri-vision billboards. It also includes valuable tips on how to maximize your results for a successful advertising campaign. 


Send us your files!

Once you have created your artwork to the proper specs for your billboard size, it's time to send us your files! (Make sure to flatten your art before sending). When sending art for non-digital boards, save your art as a .TIFF (recommended), then simply .zip your file up & notify us at that your art is ready. We will respond with an invite to drag and drop your file into our Dropbox Folder.


If sending art for digital boards, save your art as a .JPG, then simply email it to:


Download our Non-Digital Billboard Design Spec Sheet and our Digital Billboard Design Spec Sheet by clicking the links above. These .pdf documents contain creative artwork guidelines for our traditional non-digital billboards (Vinyl, Static, Tri-Vision), and our digital LED billboards.



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