About Us

MH OUTDOOR MEDIA LLC is the latest member of the Mac Haik family of companies, founded in July 2011 in Houston, Texas. Historically Mac Haik has owned, operated and leased a few outdoor advertising billboards in the Houston market, however, with the formation of MH OUTDOOR MEDIA LLC, the decision was made to develop a true outdoor media company that could grow into a powerhouse. Presently, MH Outdoor Media has grown to own and operate over 1,000 static and digital LED billboard displays located across six states, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida. From big name clients such as ABC Television, Lexus, Wal Mart, Target, Southwest Airlines, AEG Concerts, TNT Channel, Aetna, to hundreds of local mom and pop businesses. Whether big or small, we treat all our customers like gold and give them the royal treatment.


We take pride in providing our customers with outstanding service and a plan for a successful outdoor advertising campaign, while growing with our customers and pushing to become one of the best outdoor advertising companies in the region.


We look forward to serving you!