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Creative Guidelines

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The Creative Challenge

The creative process is part of the fun of billboard advertising! Don’t worry if you don’t already have a creative campaign on hand, MH Outdoor is ready and willing to help create the perfect campaign for you.


We can use any pictures, logos or taglines that you already have in place. We have a skilled design team ready to start working on creative designs just for you!

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Say it Briefly

BIG, CLEAN and CONCISE are the keys to a successful billboard campaign. Your artwork should be easy to read from a distance in a short amount of time. Use BIG, BOLD letters and numbers to help with readability. Take advantage of contrasting colors to grab the people’s attention. Resist the urge to use too many words/pictures and keep copy CLEAN and CONCISE.  The most effective ads use less than 10 words so be brief and utilize the most important message you want to convey.

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Design Specifications

Specs for each of our locations can be found under Our Billboards by Location but generally creative should be submitted:


COLOR - RGB mode 
ACCEPTABLE FORMATS - JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF at maximum quality

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