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The Digital Billboard Landscape: Insights from Industry Leaders


In a recent Founders Journey Panel moderated by Billboard Insider's Dave Westburg at the October IBO show, executives from different outdoor media companies shared their experiences and key takeaways from venturing into the realm of digital billboards. The panel included perspectives from Charley McIntyre of Bullfrog Outdoor (a small company), Steve Richards of Pacific Outdoor/Mile Hi Outdoor (a medium-sized company), Bill Lodzinski of West Virginia Outdoor, and John Siegenthaler of Lind Media Outdoor (both representing larger companies).

The panelists emphasized several crucial aspects when it comes to installing digital billboards. Charley McIntyre highlighted the importance of choosing the right location, sharing his positive experience with a strategically placed digital billboard on a major north-south road. Bill Lodzinski stressed the significance of thorough due diligence, focusing on location, permit feasibility, demand projections, and structural integrity. According to Lodzinski, understanding the economic environment over the next five years is crucial for success.

Steve Richards underscored the longevity of digital billboards, expressing the hope for a 7 to 10-year lifespan. He emphasized the necessity of having a backup plan due to labor shortages, ensuring that downtime doesn't translate to revenue loss. John Siegenthaler warned against cutting corners, advising against creating a digital network that undermines the overall advertising strategy. He also highlighted the importance of ensuring that the sales team can effectively handle both static and digital advertising inventory.

In conclusion, the insights shared by these industry leaders serve as valuable lessons for companies entering the digital billboard space. From strategic location selection to structural integrity and long-term planning, the success of digital billboards requires a comprehensive approach.

Source: Westburg, D. (October 12, 2023 12:05 am). Navigating the Digital Billboard Landscape: Insights from Industry Leaders. MH Outdoor Media Blog. Retrieved from:


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